Tribute to Robinson Racing

I just picked up a 1987 Rosinson Pro. It inspired to start a website for Robinson fans.

Feel free to comment or send me info or ad scans etc. Thanks, hope you find the site fun and usefull for restoring old Robinson’s.


41 Responses to Tribute to Robinson Racing

  1. Ron says:

    I think it’s really cool that you set-up this site for Robinson BMX. Lots of great information and priceless photos. GREAT bikes!

    take care,

  2. Tom says:

    Absolutely fantastic gathering of information!
    BIG Kudos to you for the effort – very, very nice.

  3. Fernando says:

    Big fan every since i bought my first sst in 1995. Thanks for taking the time to make this site. Have u seen the 2009 models on ebay? Are they real?

    • Erick Weinstetter says:

      I believe those are leftovers from when GT was still running Robinson. I dont believe Robinson is back in business, but I could be wrong.
      I did a quick search on Google and found nothing. Obviously the first thing you would do if you had enough money to buy Robinson you’d build a website. is available. is for a non BMX company.

  4. Craig says:

    Great to see your site ,i have just bought a 89 bike for restoration.. this site will help me make sure i build it to the correct spec..Craig.

  5. ryan says:

    Does anyone know where to get pad sets? I need a white pad set for 1989 Robinson Pro Team frame.


  6. Carl Barnett says:

    I used to race a Robinson in the 80’s . I have 4 again now all rebuilt to perfection.. I have an 81,82,83 and a 84 .. i just love them

  7. brandon says:

    should i seel me 91 gt robinson cro-moly
    and for how much would you sell it for ,good conditioning just needs a new chain!

  8. wannabebmxer says:

    I am trying to restore a mid school robinson, it has no decals, only id mark is the SST and serial number on frame 06941093. Does this mean anything, was it made 06 94, the top tube is about 19.5″ but the loop isn’t closed. I just want to get correct decals, I’m putting it together for my little brother, he’s never had a “nice” bike and the robinsons are cool, i like the red, white, and blue logo, think he will too. Thanks, Brother in need

  9. Andrew DeFrancesco says:

    Hey what’s the deal with the 1985 Robinsons??? I have one (from Oct. 1985), but can’t seem to find much info on the ’85s and ’86’s? Where were they made and what were the decal specs on the ’85s. I think in 1986 they had those weird 80’s style cursive letters.

    • Racer says:

      Yeah it was the transition years between GT and Robinson. Knowing pending sale and running out of money Robinson stopped promoting. Then GT stepped in and the rest is history.
      Yes 86 was the cursive year. It is unclear if 85 was also. Im guessing not. But thats just a guess.
      Here you can somewhat see the 86 style in the Uniform page.
      I’m thinking 85 will turn out to be same as 83/84

      • Andrew DeFrancesco says:

        That’s cool. Thanks I got some NOS Robinson Decals from’87 and they look sweet. If you know anyone with NOS Robinson Frame/Fork decals from ’83-’84 please let me know, thanks! Robinsons Rule!

      • jonathan freeman says:

        i was wondering the same as cant find what decals to put on my 85 pro alot of people are saying there the ones with the long blue and red stripe that ive seen on the 85 expert
        any help would be great thanks jonny

      • Racer says:

        I believe they are correct I think they used same decals on all the lengths.

      • John says:

        Go on if you don’t already

  10. Billy says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say great site. I have a 93-94 not sure which Robinson. I bought it brand new and still have it. I believe it was a MX but I don’t remember it having MX stickers. I know it wasn’t a sst or rebel. Rebels weren’t out yet.

    Anyways just wanted to post up a couple pictures.


  11. Carl Barnett says:

    I know have 14 … Here are most of them . They also did other decals in the 86 team .. I have most of the decals on file .. Enjoy .

  12. kody heermann says:

    I have an robinson bmx bike and don’t know what model or year it is. The serial number is 9873447 and has a P stamped by serial number and is stamped with robinson logo on seat tube. The bike is all black and the decals on it look to match the 1987 pro model. Can you help me figure out what model and year it is?

  13. frank garde says:

    i jave a robinson frame and id like to know more about it all i know is its a robinson YC97074311?

  14. jose juan hdz. says:

    que excelente sitio,,,,muy buena informacion,te felicito,,tengo una ROBINSON XL,,,quisiera saber que año es ,,el # es 09911681 XL. tambien quisiera saber si tienes un sitio para contactos,fotos y comentarios de las BICIS ROBINSON….suuerte.

  15. John says:

    Hi, am in the p.rocess of building a 89 robinson pro . . what is the correct seat post and handlebars?? stampings?? just wanna make sure I do it right. nice site also! thank you – John

    • Racer says:

      Id bet the farm they used Robinson bars and post on the 89. Im not sure if they were stamped as this was just after GT bought Robinson.
      But any late 80s or early 90s bars would work like Elf Blast Bars or Boss bars. Im pretty certain they often used a robinson laid back post. Im not sure what year the post went from a normal laid back to a sharp rounded curve.

  16. john says:

    I had built one brand new back in 89, I just can’t remember all the details, I definately used robinson bars, just can’t remember how to I.D. em, maybe someone has measurements?? any help would be super appreciated!!

  17. mike says:

    I have a 24″ cruiser and need a pad set,where should i look,and how much will it cost me for getting over spray on my old set.

  18. mike says:

    I have a 24″ cruiser and need a pad set,where should i look,and how much will it cost me for getting over spray on my old set.I had a nos bike is all original,and i would like to get the same pads.

  19. Scot says:

    I have a 1994 Robinson SST that I would like to restore and get stickers for, etc. Is there anyway to do that?

  20. tommy jacobson says:

    I had a blast riding for chuck in the early 80’sprobably the best time to be riding bmx mark was the best team manager and the bikes were second to none

    • Racer says:

      Got any stories feel free to share. Or any pictures you can email them to me and I can post them Tom.
      If I remember correctly you were one of the greatest racers to come out of Nevada is that right?
      Basically in the early days it was the Aguillera’s, Mark Thrower and Tracer Finn and you.

  21. fred kehrle says:

    love the site. thanks for digging up all this info. i now know that the bike that i pulled out of a lake is indeed a 99 rebel. its all red bullseye’d out with yellow tires and accents. the chrome isnt really that bad knowing where it was chillin before. some day i’ll dip it a blue chrome. 46 by 14 fast monster. i also have a 93 SST that has never was built. the chrome is perfect. i plan to run all chrome bassett parts. all chrome no color. never dull will love me. need chrome tires !! then my first robinson is my coveted 94 SST ‘ the purple devil ‘ purple, chrome and purple chrome. took apart the mohawks turned them purple and made ceramics fit where caged berrings were, because someone told me that it couldnt be done. did a double twist on some spokes that were 10 mm to long ( only ones ive seen,looks awesome under street light. all stickers are hand made in purple over black in a evil font with a number plate of skulls and 3 upside down 9’s leading the way. its awesome. i tour with metal bands and take it everywhere, maybe to sea on a metal cruise next year, fingers crossed. its always a big hit. again, great infand site. thank you

  22. Michael says:

    Hi I bought a 89 pro model. It’s a really beauty. Love the idea to make a Robinson tribute side. StayRAD

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