Robinson Racing Team

The list below includes both Factory and Factory Support riders. Please feel free to add riders or information I may have missed.


Bill Anderson – Colorado (1978-?)

Lee Baker – Indiana (1979-1980) Kentucky State Champion

Duane Ballenger – Southern California (1978-?)

Craig Bark – Southern California (1982) Half season when he went to GT.

Tom Bednorz – (1982?)

Philip Beeler – Florida

Shawn Bone – Ohio (1990)

Chris Brito – Florida (1978-?)

Bill Brzenk – Utah (1983)

Larry Cambra – Southern California (1993)

Travis Chipres – Southern California (1982-1986) would leave team after the ABA US Nationals mid season.

Scott Clark – Northern California (1978-80, 1986)

Dave Cullinan – Southern California (1990-91)

Frank Delgado – Texas (1990-93)

Gary Ellis – Washington (1980)

Richard Fleming – Colorado/California (1983)

Todd Henry –

Chad Hernaez – Southern California (1995)

Greg Hill – Southern California (1987-1991)

Tom Jacobson – Nevada (1983)

Don Johle – Texas (1981)

John Kovachi – Georgia (1979)

A.J. Lojek – Georgia (1979)

Lee Medlin – Southern California (1978)

Larry Meirsch – Southern California (1993)

Todd Mitchell – Texas? (1996-97)

Danny Nelson – Southern California (1983, 1989-91)

Willie Nelson – Unknown (1989)

Glenn Pavlosky – Southern California (1989)

Darin Peery – Utah (1983)

Jason Ream – ? (1995)

Gary Renteria – Southern California (1978-?)

Scott Robbins – Georgia (1980-81)

Greg Romero – Northern California (2000?)

Kevin Royal – Southern California (1993-94)

Larry Ruiz – Northern California (1978-?)

Jeff Ruminer – Oklahoma (1978-?)

Brian Schofield – Illinois (1982-84)

Jason Shegas – Unknown (1989)

Travis Spriet – Unknown (1990)

Scott Stout – Southern California (1982-84)

Todd Tompkins – Central California (1983)

Charles “Amtrac” Townsend – Northern California (1993-99)

Ryan VanDerVeen – Southern California (1993-94)

Alexis Vergara – 1992 ABA National #1 (1991-2001)

Bryan Webb – Florida (1978-?)

Mark Wegener – Georgia (1978-1979)

Paul Wegener – Georgia (1978-1979)

Dan Wyllie – Illinois (Years Unknown) Sundance Cyclery, IL

Factory Support Programs

John Baker – Missouri (1981-?)

Drew Bentz – New Jersey (1980) Langley’s Hobby Shop – Vineland, NJ

Kirk Herman – New Jersey (1978-80) Langley’s Hobby Shop – Vineland, NJ

Jeff Meyer – Southern California (1982-1983, 12/13 Expert)

Judd Underwood – ?  (1981-82) Brady Bros. Racing Team


39 Responses to Robinson Racing Team

  1. foxracing says:

    greg romero road for robinson back in 2000?

    • Erick Weinstetter says:

      Thanks as soon as we can confirm at least one year looking thru the old magazines, catalogs etc I will add him. But your right he def rode for them. Thanks for the input.

  2. Tod Tompkins says:

    I’m from Fresno, CA (Central Cal) Thanks for the sight, you brought back good memories!

  3. Tod Tompkins says:

    My bad, I meant site, not sight! Oh well, you know what I mean.

    • Racer says:

      Nice another factory rider who tore up the tracks and terrorized his comp. Welcome and glad you like the site. Dont update it often. I just made it when I found an old Robinson 88 and wanted to ID it.

  4. Judd Underwood says:

    I used to ride for Brady Bros. Racing back in 1980-81 with Robinson Racing support. I still have my original Robinson Racing frame I used to race in 1980. I also have many pictures of myself and Danny Nelson both racing and holding up our trophies from back in the day. Ill try to find them and send them to you . I loved the site and the pictures. My older brother Rex Underwood also had Robinson Racing support I believe……although it was so long ago lol. There are a few pictures floating around of my brother Rex racing Jason Jensen and Sam Arilona(spelling) but I haven’t had any luck finding them.
    Judd Underwood -Las Vegas, NV

    Rex Underwood – NewYork, NY

    • Racer says:

      OK added you to a new Factory Support section. What state did you live in those days so I can update. very cool you have your old frame. Email me any pics at
      If you talk to your bro or find pics of him in Robinson gear or whatever I will also add him.

      • Rex Underwood says:

        I found this as I was looking for a Robinson Racing shirt for my son. Also looking to restore my old Robinson. He is 4 so am getting him into racing. It looks like my brother found this site as well a few a years ago when his son was racing. Yes, we did race for Brady Bros and had Robinson factory support. We raced a lot of NBA (Van Nyse) and ABA (Devonshire) out of Cal 6 and around the country. In fact, my Dad was the starter for both those tracks. Judd was the National number one 6-year-old and I was national number one 9-year-old. I remember going to Chuck’s house to pick up my first Bike. I think I have that pic of Sam Arellano, Jason Jason, Judd of me playing as kids.

  5. Judd Underwood says:

    Now that I think of it I believe my years are off by 1. It was 81-82 and my frame was an 81. Wow I am old!

  6. Kirk Herman says:

    I rode for Robinson on support team in 1978-1980.Rode for Langley’s in Vineland nj.I still have my bike’s one’s a 1978 the other is 1980,also have my uniform

    • Racer says:

      I also rode for Langley’s in 1980 🙂 Here is a picture of me at my practice track. I was from Bucks County, PA. Did you have an older brother named Eric? I remember your last name. The riders I hung out with at races (but not often) from Vineland were Vince Strozyk, Drew Bentz and Stonie Abercrombie. The fastest guy on our team (in his class) had to be Larry Petrongolo.

      Send pictures of your bike or uniform to me at

      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  7. Brian Schofield says:

    I raced for the factory team back in 1982 thru 1983. I am the guy with the light blue sleeves in your uniform description.I had great times with Robinson and Chuck and Mark were cool guys and the riders were’nt bad either. I now live in Lake in the Hills Illinois, am married and have four kids. Thanks for the memories.

    • Racer says:

      Hi Brian. Thanks for the info. You were certainly a fast cat BITD.
      Chuck was Chuck Robinson, who was Mark?
      How did you get hooked up with Robinson?

      • Brian Schofield says:

        Mark was Mark Soria, he picked us up from the air port and got us to the races out west. He was like a team manager. i raced out of a local shop, Sundance Cycle out of Bloomingdale. Great guys, Ed, Ed and Ross.If you know of any ony selling an 82-83 robinson I am trying to find one for my kid. wish I still had mine.

  8. hottcheeks says:

    This is a news paper cover of Jason Shegas that I found..

  9. scott stout says:

    Hi my name is Scott Stout.I raced for Chuck I believe 1981 to end of 83. I was very proud to wear the Robinson Racing jersey. Chuck was a great guy and a good friend of our family at Devonshire Downs bmx park. I have a couple pictures of the team if you would like them.

  10. Doug Lincoln says:

    I raced for Robinson and the Bicycle hut 78-79 at the age of 10 yrs old. With a little help from Scott Clark , who saw me and my Brother ( Drew ) at Watson park in San Jose Ca. I did very well racing till my family moved to Colo Springs , Colo. Racing in Colorado just not the same as it was in the bay area and the golden area of racing.

  11. Doug Lincoln says:

    Yes NBA, I had the First Mini Robinson in Northern Ca. That bike was crazy light. Thanks to Scott and my brother who helped out at the Bicycle hut.

  12. Jeff Meyer says:

    1982-83 Jeff Meyer, @the age 12-13 expert, Robinson Factory Support, southern California!
    Then on to Factory Pro Engineering in 1984, age 14 expert.

    • Racer says:

      OK kool , will update. What was your local track in those days and was the support ride thru a bike shop? If so which one and where were they at?

  13. Dan Wyllie says:

    Hey , my name isn’t on the team list ! I was on the factory support team before they bumped me up to full factory ! I was on the team with Travis and Richard . I still have my Robinson bikes and my factory uniforms too ! My name is Dan Wyllie from Naperville , IL . I was found while I was on Sundance Cycles factory team .

  14. Eric Davis says:

    Travis Chipres I’m sure started in 1982 with team. I use to ride with him and Danny Nelson back then. Miss those guys and many more !! My boys today still ride a Robinson bike but have no clue of the memories I have racing in Devonshire downs and all over back then.

    • Racer says:

      I never got to see Devonshire but it sure looked fun in pictures. If you could hang with those guys you had to be fast Eric. Who did you race for?

  15. Lee Baker says:

    I rode for Chuck Robinson from 1979 to 1980. Another guy missing from the list is Phil Beeler, from Florida.

  16. Lee Baker says:

    Hi, Erick. I’m from Indiana. I rode on the national factory team from 1979 to 1980. I’ll email some photos. The blog is great!

    • Lee Baker says:

      Erick, you might be thinking of John Baker from Missouri. John rode on the support team beginning in 1981. I don’t know how long John was with Chuck, as I was done racing at the end of 1980.

  17. Brian Schofield says:

    Digging through some old photos my last races for Factory Robinson were in 1984 not 1983. I was on support in 1982 moved to national then up to Factory all in 1982.

  18. Alexis Vergara says:

    Alexis Vergara number 1 amatuer 1992 Aba Bmx factory Robinson. 91-early 2000’s

  19. Bryan Jones says:

    I didn’t see Todd Henry in the factory riders list!

  20. scott says:

    Scott stout 82 to 84 southern california

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