Just a few tidbits from Robinson Racings first year, 1978. The advertisement of Gary Renteria is the first ad in a magazine for Robinson it appears. It was in the October 1978 issue of “Bicycle Motocross Action”.  The press release shows the first generation Robinson.  It does not have a R gusset stamp yet. This is the first Robinson frame. The first bike the Factory team was mounted on was LRV frames/forks. Most of the team came from LRV.

The color shot shows Robinsons “Flyin’ Okie” Jeff Ruminer at the 1978 NBA East Coast Nationals at Craigmeur in Green Pond, NJ. All photos on all my fan sites from BMX Action are used with permission from Bob Osborn. Do not republish without his expressed written permission.

firstmagadoct78 78framepress



5 Responses to 1978

  1. […] some choice pages from this issue, where we see some familiar folks like Steve Skibel, a 7 year old Gary Renteria, and Jeff Bottema in the qualifier for the following week’s NBA/WSA “Battle of the […]

  2. Yc99g11171 can anyone tell me what bike frame i have all i knowledge is its a junior top rail 18hlf inch. Also Gary Renteria is my cousin.

    • Racer says:

      At 18 1/2 it could be a Rebel perhaps not sure what there top tube is off the top of my head.
      Gary was Bad Ass BITD, if you ever talk to him have him say hi, share some old pictures and stories.

  3. Kenny says:

    I have a 1978 or 79 Robinson that I believe is a mini. I purchased it used around 81/82 in San Jose, CA. From what I’ve read, it seems that mini’s are a little more difficult to identify since the front gusset is solid. Here’s the details. Euro BB, thin top & bottom tube (maybe 7/8 inch), solid gusset without R stamp, chrome, red prism sticker on head tube, red stickers on frame, blue stickers on fork, and “21” stamped on bottom bracket which I’m guessing might be the serial #. Any idea what year and/or other info?

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