1983 advertisement

May 1983 advertisement



4 Responses to 1983 advertisement

  1. Tim Lowe says:

    I raced against Danny at Devonshire Downs the same year this picture was taken, he was either way too fast for the competition or there just were no other 8 year olds but, he raced against the 11 experts and simply blew doors. He took 1st 2nd 1st while I took 2nd 1st 2nd. I remember telling my Dad after the first moto “…but he’s only 8 years old.” I dug in to take the 2nd moto by inches but once again in the final he smoked us all. I was and still am impressed. I’m sure he was there other Friday nights but this is the one I’ll always remember. Great site bringing back fond memories. Found it searching for Brady Bros bike shop that my brother and I were sponsored by around ’83.

    • Racer says:

      Wow Tim cool story. Not many people can say they beat a legend like Danny Nelson.
      If you ever dig up any pictures from those days Id gladly post them for you on the site.

  2. Rex Underwood says:

    I see this is an old entry but it brings back memories. My brother was buddies with Danny when they young (like 6-7). He used to beat him all the time. I remember the first time Danny beat him…. Danny never lost to him again. We used to race for Brady Bro’s back in the day. Until about 1982. My first bike was made in Robinson’s garage I think. We raced Devonshire a lot and Van Nyse. We have a great pic of Danny and my brother playing with rough riders with Jason Jensen, Sam Earolano, and myself watching….

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