Frame Specs (Race Models Only)

If you find a Robinson with no decals, this will hopefully help you ID the model or year.

First generation Robinson’s had a gusset with NO “R” stamp. (1978)

Second generation had the famous “R” stamp. (1979-83?)

Third generation had no gusset at all but were still looptails. (1984-88)

GT owned (made?)  Robinson’s had a plate welded to the frame’s seat tube with Robinson logo stamped.

Early GT owned Robinson’s were a full looptail and were made in 1987 and 88.

Second generation GT/Robinson’s had a semi looptail starting in 1989?

1987 Pro, Elite, Junior, Cruiser, Mini Cruiser

Pro [Top Tube = 19 1/2″]

1990 Pro, MX, JR

**Specs are from the catalog but I believe Pro,MX to be wrong**

Pro [Top Tube = 18 1/2″]

MX [Top Tube = 18 1/2″]


Junior [Top Tube = 16 1/8″]

Pro Cruiser

Mini Cruiser

1994 Amtrac, Pro XL, Pro, Junior, Pro Cruiser, MX, SST

Amtrac [Top Tube = 21″]

Pro XL [Top tube = 20 1/2″]

Pro [Top Tube = 19 3/4″]

Junior [Top Tube = 17 1/2″]

Pro Cruiser [Top Tube = 20 3/4″]

94 Notes* All frames USA made and 4130. SST frame fake looptail does not close.

1996 Amtrac, Pro XL, Pro Team, Pro, Junior, Pro Cruiser, Jr. Cruiser, MX, SST , Rebel (Tri Moly)

Pro Team [Top Tube = 20 1/4″]

Pro, MX, SST, Rebel [Top Tube = 19 1/4″]

Junior [Top Tube = 17 1/2″]

Pro Cruiser [Top Tube = 20 1/2″]

1999 Amtrac, Pro XL (Patriot, Missile), Pro (Defender), Junior (Patriot Jr.), Pro Cruiser (Patriot 24), SST, Rebel

Pro XL [Top Tube = 21″] Aluminum, USA made

Pro  [Top Tube = 19.95″] Aluminum, USA made

SST [Top Tube = 19.90″] 4130, USA made

Rebel [Top Tube 19.6″] Mild Steel

Junior [Top Tube = 18.13″] Aluminum, USA made

Pro Cruiser [Top Tube = 20″] Aluminum, USA made


24 Responses to Frame Specs (Race Models Only)

  1. Clive says:

    looking for specs on the 99 Robinson Junior – any ideas where i can locate these ?

  2. drover says:

    whats the differnce between all the modles like ssst mx pro jr

    • Depends on the years. Sometimes it was just the parts group. Other years some models were full 4130 and some Tri Moly.
      Pro was always top of the line then SST then MX and Rebel.
      Jr was of course smaller.

  3. rus sanderson says:


    i have a Robinson GT that was given to me by a friend about ten years ago. i know next to nothing about it, other than that it is a superb bike. the serial number is 08952397. behind that is a 4 in a circle, and under all of that is 24. any help figuring out what i have would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Jason says:

    Hey guys,

    I just purchased a 1997 Robinson Team Pro frame serial number 07970155 with a P below it. Do you think its a 98 model? He says the TT is 20.5in and made in the US. Also probably not a major issue but this article I read said that Robinson had a recall for 1997 and 1998 models of Robinson Pro, Pro XL, Pro Team, Pro 24, Amtrac and Defender frames and bicycles.

    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

  5. mike says:

    working on a resto of a 98 pro xl, curious about the bb size. can anyone help? thanks

  6. Jr says:

    If anyone has a stock 1995 robinson cruiser with gt aluminum hubs and weinman rims. Can guy pease measure the spoke and refer it back to me. I’m trying to rebuild the original wheel.

  7. al says:

    I acquired a robinson, but it looks to a mish mash of different era robinson parts. the stickers show it as an sst,it’s serial# yc99kxxxxx. I measured the top tube and it’s close to 20″ center to center. But there wasn’t a 4130 stamp on the bottom bracket. can anyone confirm this is a sst or a rebel?

    • Racer says:

      That would be a 99 or 2000 model. In early years SST seat stay bent around and was welded to chainstay. The Rebel was not and never was.
      At some point though I think even the SST though was no longer a full tube connection.
      Check for 99s and 2000s on line to confirm.

  8. Can i findu out what kind of robinson i have? Yc99g11171 and it does have the r stamps on the rear axle plates.

    • Racer says:

      Cant tell you the model but the year would be either a 99 model or a 2000. It was made in 199 but could have been made late in the year and released as a 2000.

  9. Jesse says:

    Hello. I’m hoping you can help me with a frame I picked up. I know it’s a 94 model (serial number starts with YC94 on bb) but the model is throwing me off. Was there a rebel in 94? I want to say it’s a rebel but I can’t seem to find a picture of a rebel without brake mounts. My frame takes the older style brakes (like the pre 95 GT bikes) Did they make a sst over seas? It can’t be a Mx because the “loop” is open.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

    • Racer says:

      It was made in 94 but could be a 95 model. That being said you have to match it up thru a catalog. Some models may have had a closed loop or open loop switch over the years.

  10. Luke says:

    I bought a Robinson frame, 04951453-and has the number 4 circled, anybody know why?

  11. Lance Allaire says:

    When measuring top tube, is it inside measurements between the seat post and headset, or center of seat tube to center of headset tube?? Thanks

  12. john says:

    Do you have any idea of this robinson GT model: Frame shows 08982027 and underneath CRSR. The tires seem are 24 x 1.75.

    Thank you

    • Racer says:

      The bike is a Cruiser model made in August of 1998. So it is most likely a 98 model, though it could be a 99 model.

      • john says:

        I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my question. The bike is a 24 inch tire. Would this be a Patriot 24, a Pro, or just a cruiser. Also, and more important. I have a son in Phuket Thailand, and I shipped the bike to him. I took the bike apart so Thai customs wouldn’t see this beautiful ready made, and hit me with a 40% duty charge. I separated the front tire fork and handlebar connection, and a whole bunch of pieces hit the ground. Now I’m screwed because I’m not sure how to put this back together. There are a set of bearing and round washer type pieces. Would you by chance know how to get a diagram so I could put this back together correctly. I and my 11 year old son appreciate your time and help with this. Thank you again. Also, the seat is the only thing not original, would you know where I might find a seat and the connect pole?

        Thank you again.

  13. Racer says:

    You may not be able to tell the model just by the serial number. If yu can I am not sure. So the best way to determine the model in this case would be to compare the bike to the different bikes in the catalog. If it is not a 98 check the 99 catalog.
    Look at the paint, decals and parts to see what it matches best.

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