Frameset Decals

Ok once you have the year figured out, should be pretty easy since most frames are date coded in the serial number. You may not have the correct decals or remember which ones were used. Remember bikes made late in the year were usually the next years model. So if your bike was made say 1089, it could very well be a 1990 model. You may have to look at survivors and their SN or tiny details in the frame or parts group to  be certain.

This list shows you the correct decals for the different year Robinsons. As always a work in progress.



23 Responses to Frameset Decals

  1. Karl says:

    My Robinson pro xl was made in 08-98. The decals match the 99 model. Is it a 99 or a 98?

    Help me please = o

  2. Mick says:

    Hi there! Thanks for a great website. I’ve just seen a Robinson that I’m thinking of buying. Looking at your decal sets and reading your frame descriptions, I think it’s a post-1996 model – the frame number is YC96090109. All the main parts are GT though it has 20 x 1.5 Weinmann rims which I’m not sure were standard. Does anyone have any thoughts about model year and those rims?

    Cheers! Mick

  3. Ed says:

    Looking for decals for a 1988 Robinson Cruiser. Anyone know where I might find them?


  4. Vannak Sao says:

    Hello All,

    Can someone help me identify this bike? The serial number is YC96080240. There are no stickers on the bike, but by looking at the shape of the left over adhesive, I think it’s a Robinson. Not 100% sure what model though, that’s what I desperately need to know. I originally thought it was a Rebel, but now I’m thinking it could be a Pro XL. You’re help is much appreciated. You can email me at:


  5. Vannak Sao says:


    I’ll let you know if I find those decals. I’m also looking for Rebel, or Pro XL decals.


  6. Vannak Sao says:

    I’m trying to identify my bike, just picked it up. Ser # is YC96080240. From what I’ve found so far in my research is that it was made out of country, and its a 1996 model. No stickers, just left over adhesive. The shape of the adhesive on the down tube looks like its “Robinson”. The top tube, I’m not sure. At first I thought “Rebel”, but then it looked more like “Pro XL”. Can anyone help?


    • Racer says:

      Did they have a Pro XL sticker? Off the top of my head they only had Rebel, SST and MX
      I know the also had Pro and XL frames but forget what decal they had. Im thinking it just said Team maybe.
      Im pretty sure the Rebel never had a full closed loop.

  7. sean says:

    I don’t think the welded on Robinson tag is unique to the GT Era. I had one on my 84. Robinson was doing this earlier than that, but on the downtube.

    • Racer says:

      I think it may have been added only when GT began making the bikes is what I meant.
      Im pretty sure thats when they began appearing.
      GT was making them before buying the company.

  8. dave says:

    i’m in the process of rebuilding a 99 patriot 24″ frame, i’m having a hard time finding the specs for all bearings & correct size for the handlebars on a robinson neck. do you have any of this info? please contact me, thank you, Dave

    • foxracing says:

      Hi Dave, I have a 2000 Patriot ,Its American pro size bearings ..1 1/8 headset.,and any pro size bars should work..I use the old s&m gay called the s&m crusier bars.

  9. foxracing says:

    i need a 99 or 2000 Robinson patriot frame decal set

  10. foxracing says:

    the red patriot color*

  11. foxracing says:

    i forgot to look at the dates of these post lol

  12. tony says:

    I have a Robinson i’m trying to sell but not sure exactly what year it is, i think its a 83 or 82 the serial # is 231141 with a E located abouve it

  13. Chris Adams says:

    I am restoring my old Robinson BMX bike for my son. I bought it sometime between 1979 and 1980. It has the R stamp so it must be a 1979 at the earliest. The serial on the bottom of the crank case is 050244. Can you tell what year it would be from the serial number? Thanks!

    • Racer says:

      dont believe you can tell the years apart of the R gusset by serial number but I could be wrong. If anyone knows the correct answer feel free to chip in.

  14. needizm says:

    I have a Robinson XL for sale hit me up anybody

  15. john good says:

    I got a 99 robinson patriot with no serial # on it and its original paint & decals I was told it was a prototype and was rode in x games by kevin robinson anybody got any info for me please??

  16. David Estrada says:

    I need the decals for the robinson patriot 24 cruiser

  17. Ernie X. says:

    I am the extremely lucky purchaser of a 1999 Robinson Amtrak. A dream purchase for my 50th birthday present to Me. (100.00) I am in search of a complete sticker kit, I have located them in the usual areas (E bay, BMX museum ) any help would be appreciated.

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