1996 Catalog excerpts

Just a couple image from the 96 catalog. I will add more later. The MX, SST, Pro and Rebel were all the same exact size and geometry. But the Rebel was TriMoly I think and the other 3 4130 frames. I believe the Pro, SST and MX all had closed looptail, while the Rebel was not closed in 96.

The SST and MX appear to be almost identical. Perhaps one had a mild steel fork or different rims. But for the most part the same exact parts group.


7 Responses to 1996 Catalog excerpts

  1. Donnie says:

    I need full set decals for 96 GT Robinson 24″ BMX bike. where can i get them

  2. ultras73 says:

    Hey guys
    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase one of these gems, I recently had one shipped over from the states but sadly sold it. I would like any information if available I am situated in
    Sydney Australia

  3. Oscar says:

    I have one anybody wants to buy it or trade ?

  4. Billy says:

    Any of these parts or whole bikes will buy contact me @ (304)838-6650

  5. José says:

    I’m loking for a Robinson GT 2 buy in p.r. Close to san Lorenzo?

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