Interview with Lee Baker

March 17, 2015


I had a chance to ask Lee a few questions about his BMX history.

Q. Where was your first race and when? A. My first race was in March of 1977, at Burdette Park BMX, in Evansville, Indiana.

Q. What bikes shops did you race for?  A. My first bike shop sponsor was The Handlebar Bike Shop, in Evansville, Indiana. I got picked up by The Handlebar in July of 1977. In 1978, I rode for The Moped Center, in Evansville.

Q. What were your favorite tracks? A. My favorite tracks were Knoxville, Tennessee and the Supercross track in St. Louis, Missouri.

Q. What was your racing favorite memory? A. I really have two favorite memories. One of my favorite memories was beating Tim Judge for the first time during the pre-race for the National in Lawrenceburg, TN, in 1978. My other favorite memory is when Frank Nolte, who was a good friend of Chuck Robinson, called me to let me know that Chuck was going to pick me up. I had been holding an offer from Steve Johnson of Torker, and Frank made a call to Chuck. This all happened in February of 1979, and the rest is history.

Q. Who were the fastest guys you raced locally? Or the legends from your home track? A. The fastest guys that I raced locally were Chuck Barton, who was NBL National 3, behind Tim Judge and Matt Workman, in 1977. Also Buddy Higgins.

Q. What was your home track? A. My home track was Burdette Park BMX, in Evansville.

Q What did you do after BMX? A. By the end of 1980, I’d been racing the NBL national circuit for the last 3 years and raced indoors in Indianapolis on the weekends during the winter for the last 2 years, I was disappointed with how my 1980 season ended up, so I was tired and ready to give it up. In 1982, I went into the Navy. After the Navy, I went to college and then to law school. I always looked back with regret for giving up on BMX. So, I got back into it in 2010. I race the 46 & over Expert class, where my national rank is #16, and the 46-50 cruiser class. I’m sponsored by SSquared Bicycles and Answer BMX USA. It’s great to be back on the gate with old timers like Eric Rupe, Danny Wall, Turnell Henry, Billy Griggs, Greg Hill, Harry Leary and a bunch more. I’m having a blast. One of the highlights from last season was my old teammate, Mark Wegener, coming out to watch me race at Powder Springs, Georgia.

Thanks Lee for sharing some insight into your days tearing up the Midwest tracks



Indiana Lightning – Lee Baker

February 2, 2015


Early 1980, hammer down and rambling into the lead is Lee Baker #1 in Henderson, Kentucky. #41 is Chuck Barton and #6 is Mike Fowler. Lee was a 15 yr old expert until October 1980.


Mid-1980 at Evansville, Indiana. #6 is Mike Fowler. Mike was NBL National # 6 (14 yr old Expert) and Lee Baker was National # 2 for 1979 (14 yr old Expert).  In 1980, Lee ended up NBL National # 8. Lee was in position for a chance at National #1 going into the NBL Grand Nationals at #4. But he failed to make the main and finished the year at NBL National # 8.

More on Lee in a future post, including more pictures.



Robinson BMX Team managers

June 4, 2011

Chuck Robinson made a name for himself as the Team Manager for Webco and later DG.

But when he wore the big hat at Robinson he had to have help running the team.  If you can add details or bios on any of these guys please do.

Early 1980’s Team Manager – Mark Soria

Late 80’s Team Manager – Danny Nelsons Dad I think

Was Mrs. Hatfield a TM at one point?



Robinson Racing Team

June 1, 2009

The list below includes both Factory and Factory Support riders. Please feel free to add riders or information I may have missed.


Bill Anderson – Colorado (1978-?)

Lee Baker – Indiana (1979-1980) Kentucky State Champion

Duane Ballenger – Southern California (1978-?)

Craig Bark – Southern California (1982) Half season when he went to GT.

Tom Bednorz – (1982?)

Philip Beeler – Florida

Shawn Bone – Ohio (1990)

Chris Brito – Florida (1978-?)

Bill Brzenk – Utah (1983)

Larry Cambra – Southern California (1993)

Travis Chipres – Southern California (1982-1986) would leave team after the ABA US Nationals mid season.

Scott Clark – Northern California (1978-80, 1986)

Dave Cullinan – Southern California (1990-91)

Frank Delgado – Texas (1990-93)

Gary Ellis – Washington (1980)

Richard Fleming – Colorado/California (1983)

Todd Henry –

Chad Hernaez – Southern California (1995)

Greg Hill – Southern California (1987-1991)

Tom Jacobson – Nevada (1983)

Don Johle – Texas (1981)

John Kovachi – Georgia (1979)

A.J. Lojek – Georgia (1979)

Lee Medlin – Southern California (1978)

Larry Meirsch – Southern California (1993)

Todd Mitchell – Texas? (1996-97)

Danny Nelson – Southern California (1983, 1989-91)

Willie Nelson – Unknown (1989)

Glenn Pavlosky – Southern California (1989)

Darin Peery – Utah (1983)

Jason Ream – ? (1995)

Gary Renteria – Southern California (1978-?)

Scott Robbins – Georgia (1980-81)

Greg Romero – Northern California (2000?)

Kevin Royal – Southern California (1993-94)

Larry Ruiz – Northern California (1978-?)

Jeff Ruminer – Oklahoma (1978-?)

Brian Schofield – Illinois (1982-84)

Jason Shegas – Unknown (1989)

Travis Spriet – Unknown (1990)

Scott Stout – Southern California (1982-84)

Todd Tompkins – Central California (1983)

Charles “Amtrac” Townsend – Northern California (1993-99)

Ryan VanDerVeen – Southern California (1993-94)

Alexis Vergara – 1992 ABA National #1 (1991-2001)

Bryan Webb – Florida (1978-?)

Mark Wegener – Georgia (1978-1979)

Paul Wegener – Georgia (1978-1979)

Dan Wyllie – Illinois (Years Unknown) Sundance Cyclery, IL

Factory Support Programs

John Baker – Missouri (1981-?)

Drew Bentz – New Jersey (1980) Langley’s Hobby Shop – Vineland, NJ

Kirk Herman – New Jersey (1978-80) Langley’s Hobby Shop – Vineland, NJ

Jeff Meyer – Southern California (1982-1983, 12/13 Expert)

Judd Underwood – ?  (1981-82) Brady Bros. Racing Team